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If you’re finding marketing a challenge with so much information to manage – and in so many different places – you’ll find the Masque systems deliver exactly what you want..

Our masque range of systems integrate:
  • Productions
  • Performers
  • Pictures
  • Patrons
  • Products
  • Dates
  • Venues
  • The support staff
  • Donations
  • Media

...and you choose who gets what and when. The really good thing is that you can have the system customised to your precise needs so you get just what you need.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without these invaluable tools – and you’ll have more time to do those things that need a real person to interact.

The plus is that you’ll get a talented technical team – who really understand the performing arts business – giving you support, advice and training. That’s the sort of experience that will really make a difference to how your organisation operates.