Point of Sale Merchandise Distribution


Provide a web based facility enabling sales reps to order point of sale support material for delivery to shops

  • Controlled Access
  • Stock Management
  • Integration with despatch system and delivery tracking
  • Package/Pallet count calculation

Time to first release: 6 weeks
Time: 8 years, Continuous Development

Web | Windows Server | Windows Desktop


We provided a web based ordering system that enabled sales reps to place orders for point of sale support merchandise – anything from posters to shelving units, fancy dress to branded glasses and much more. The orders could be for a single item to be sent to a corner shop or hundreds of items to be sent to every Tesco or Sainsbury store – lot of work was done to make multiple ordering as simple as possible.

One of the key costs was delivery and probably the most complex part of the application was in calculating how many boxes or pallets were needed for any particular order.

Although based on a core system this was highly customised for each client. The initial development had only a six week lead time (over the Christmas period too).

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