Online graphical statistics site


A website that allows users to view comparative data on towns and cities across Europe using data visualisation to make the statistics come alive.

  • Controlled Access
  • Comparative statistics
  • Multi system integration
  • Links to the report libraries
  • Multi company development team
  • Data Visualization

Windows Server | Web | Microsoft SQL Server


This was a collaborative development with BoE Systems to produce an integrated solution. In addition we had to work with JLL’s design agency to realise their vision of what the site should look like.

JLL had a considerable amount of statistics on cities and towns across Europe and wanted to pull this together into an easy to use web platform that provided the tools to provide comparative analysis with a high level of charting and mapping allowing uses to drill down from country and region analysis to individual towns and cities.

This development required pulling together multiple databases on an ongoing basis to ensure that the data was up to date. Then the website had to present the data in a graphical way as well as providing the raw data.

Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is an American commercial real estate services firm. It is the second-largest company of its kind in the world. The company is ranked 189th on the Fortune 500.


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