Solutions for Membership Organisations

“You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole”

Pre-built off the shelf packages for membership organisations rarely ‘fit’ your unique organisational requirement – Our membership management software ensures a perfect fit..

If you want your developed solution to actually meet the needs of your organisation then a bespoke solution is needed.

“Cheaper by Half“

How many software packages – truly meet your needs ‘out of the box’? Additional development costs create spiralling developer fees and cause delays in implementation. Nice to have “add-ons” are requested from other departments to improve internal efficiencies – but delay ‘go live’.

Bespoke builds are often perceived as requiring considerable cost investment. This in our experience is far from reality. A detailed review and analysis of your needs involving all stakeholders draws together a united and uniform plan that leads to a developed solution e created to  suit  your needs exactly.

Detailed plans – defined specification – no hidden costs – timely delivery.

Systematic work with some of the world’s leading charities and membership organisations.

Our fully bespoke membership and supporter management solutions will save you time and money – but more importantly – genuinely improve your organisational efficiency.

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