Marketing Asset Ordering System


Enable all local outlets to order customised multi media marketing collateral while retaining control of the brand

  • Controlled Access
  • Marketing Asset Management
  • Integration of Print, Email, Mail Merge, SMS
  • Invoice Generation
  • Interface with printers and delivery platforms

Time to first release: 2 months
Time: 8 years, Continuous Development

Web | Windows Server | Windows Desktop


The client needed a system that enabled their local outlets (about 200) to be able to order marketing materials customised to each outlet without risking any dilution of the brand.

The system allowed the outlets to select from hundreds of templates which would automatically be completed with the outlets details (name, address, website etc) and allowed them customise the text and images used in the item. The system also enabled creating packages of assets which enabled single entry customisation.

The application suite had a complete workflow approval system with different levels of approval determined by the product type, mail merge for letters, and integration with email and sms blasting portals. For print products the system provided high definition ready to print PDFs.

An extensive back end management system also generated the monthly invoices for each outlet.

Time to implementation was critical and the initial release of this system was within 3 months and included the integration of Print (brochures, posters etc) and SMS with a follow up release including mail merge and further customisation options within another month.

“It’s good to have a pro-active supplier on the case. I for one am grateful!”, Steve Tweed, Inc Direct

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