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GFS combine multi-carrier delivery services with technology and logistics, offering 1000+ different carrier services, through one integrated technology platform. GFS gives retailers and 3PL everything they need to deliver to customers around the world and they process more than 30 million parcels each year.

GFS develop and maintain their own platform to provide access to the various carriers for their clients. The software requires maintenance and continuous development work as part of their client focussed approach and regular review of carriers.

The Problem

GFS wanted to find a UK based software supplier with a multi-faceted skillset to assist their in-house team and replace their previous overseas developers.

  • Offshore based development was becoming increasingly complicated and inaccessible.
  • A lack of real-time support and feedback was delaying development.
  • Language and translation barriers plus a lack of business understanding were creating issues.
  • Looking to enhance security, compliance, and contingency via an onshore partner.
  • SMXi Software presented our support and development model to the client to provide a dedicated team.
  • Our pool of developers and depth of knowledge, provides constant access to senior developers that are all experienced with a minimum of 5 years knowledge in each language.
  • We commit to have a dedicated pool of developers available at any time with a thorough understanding of the system as well as understanding the client needs.
  • A proactive client focussed partnership.

Windows Desktop, Windows Server, IIS, Linux


“Since our first day with SMXi Software we have experienced the highest levels of service and have developed an excellent working partnership.  SMXi have increased delivery cadence and quality – Thank you SMXi!

Peter Liu,

CIO, Global Freight Solutions

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