Multi Currency, Multilingual On-line Donations System


Collect donations, both single and committed giving, using the web from anywhere in the World

  • Multilingual templating system
  • Multi currency handling
  • Full featured backend management system
  • Integration with multiple payment processors
  • Integrate with 3rd party CRM systems

Time: 17 years continuous development

Web | Windows Server | Windows Desktop


We started working with Sightsavers back in 2000 when we helped develop, launch and host their first website. There was a need to provide a method for supporters to easily make individual donations and to sign up for committed giving using direct debit, FuturePay and PayPal. To provide this we upgraded our CRM, SMX Patron, to provide these features which ended up processing over £1m of donations a year.

The system required the integration with multiple back end payment processors depending on which Country the donation was being made form. These included PayPal, WorldPay, Stripe, ApplePay, DigitalRiver and GestPay. In addition it gave supporters to sign up for committed giving using FuturePay, Direct Debits (UK) and SEPA (Europe).

SMX Patron’s flexible templating framework meant that not only could multi lingual pages be presented but also themed and customised donation pages could be created in support of any individual campaigns that were running.

An extensive coding system meant that performance reports provided considerable insights into the performance of fund raising activities.

In November 2016 Sightsavers were asked by Apple to take part in the launch of ApplePay for donations in the UK. This was a great opportunity to work with Apple and we integrated the solution into the application to provide another

“We’ve used Systematic’s SMX Patron, and other products, for some years now and have found them to be very user friendly, cost effective and efficient.
What’s more, Systematic have always been happy to make any extra modifications that we’ve asked for and have provided valuable advice on how best
to integrate SMX with our other systems and, on a more general level, how we can ensure that we’re getting the most out of our online activities.”
Matt Blake, Sightsavers International

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