Developing software is for geeks…

is a phrase that is banded around “A LOT”. The truth of the matter is that the people who spend their working lives simplifying and connecting complex and multi-layered processes are amongst the world’s best problem solvers. Now, let’s be realistic developers can attract (whether fairly or not) a label of ‘geekdom’. They are an […]

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We’re Thrilled to Announce Our Cyber Essentials Accreditation!

At SMXi Software, cybersecurity is not just a priority, it’s embedded in our DNA. We’re proud of our Cyber Essentials achievement. In an era characterized by increased digital dependence and a rise in remote work, the prevalence of cyber threats has also grown. SMXi Software has proactively secured the Cyber Essentials certification to combat cyber […]

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Where Can I find Delphi Software Specialists?

Finding reliable and experienced Delphi developers for support or short-term projects that require a software upgrade, for many businesses is a task they often shy away from. When considering what to do about an older version of an application written in Delphi for example, they don’t want to employ or train somebody new, they want […]

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GiftAider March 2021 Release

The latest version of GiftAider has just been released. This introduces a few changes that we think will make it even easier for you to use when using your Gift Aid Software to upload claims to HMRC. We have changed the operation of GiftAider so that the claim data does not load as you scroll through the […]

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Is your software up to scratch?

So many organisations invest in software, but don’t always end up with systems that do what’s needed. This might be because: The company has outgrown the capability of a particular software There are several systems, which aren’t all compatible Someone in the company who sold the software didn’t ask the right questions Someone in your […]

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No Distractions

When working from home it is easy to fall prey to the many distractions that the internet and social media puts in our way. As much as we like to think we have our routine pegged down and self-control in abundance it is easy to instantly react to that Facebook notification or that WhatsApp message. […]

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Getting the most out of your home broadband

With so many people working at home you may find that your WiFi is feeling the strain especially if you’re competing for bandwidth with your partner and kids. One way you improve this is to use your ‘ring main’ as a network, which is known as a powerline network. What you need Powerline adapters are […]

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Protect your brand from ‘creative’ team members

Most organisations have a dusty document (or a pdf file) somewhere that outlines their brand guidelines. Given that the development of your brand takes time, effort – and doesn’t come cheap, it’s important that all that investment pays off. The Marketing Department should be familiar with how your logo appears, it’s relative size, positioning, background […]

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Every penny counts

As a charity, fund-raising is front and centre. Donations are the lifeblood that keeps the engines running and the valuable services they support available to those who need them. Being a charity gives you some tax breaks and one is that, for every penny you raise, the tax-man will give you an additional 25% reclaimed from […]

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5 reasons why you should be using a CRM system for your business

If your business involves communication with customers, a CRM system (or customer relationship management system) is bound to be vital in reaching your goals. With the ability to manage all communications and details related to both existing and potential customers, there are loads of reasons why a CRM system is important for your business. Learn […]

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When technology succeeds

This is a quote that we used in out original brochure, it was true then, it’s true now. “IT (information technology) is both the cause of problems and the source of solutions, but is not the magic touchstone. Its implementation is by people, its utilisation is by people, the ultimate arbiters of success or failure, […]

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