Developing software is for geeks…

is a phrase that is banded around “A LOT”.

The truth of the matter is that the people who spend their working lives simplifying and connecting complex and multi-layered processes are amongst the world’s best problem solvers.

Now, let’s be realistic developers can attract (whether fairly or not) a label of ‘geekdom’. They are an eclectic mix of fascinating individuals with probably the broadest range of hobbies and interests – latest fashion perhaps not necessarily being the foremost consideration – but this is because their focus is on finding a better way to solve a problem.

At SMXi Software we have a great team of collaborative individuals, each with a range of unique skills and attributes. Genuine people with real life experience that are capable of interpreting and understanding the needs of our customers. With a desire – dare I say a competitiveness – to provide the most intuitive and on the surface of it – simple software solutions that take the complex and make it easy for the user.

Now, writing this as a non-developer suit wearing (of a smart but not necessarily of the latest fashion style) sales and marketing director, I am sure I too fit a very clear stereotype. I will never claim to have the coding and analytical skills that make up one of the best UK software development businesses, but I can claim to have the privilege of fronting up a brilliant team that do provide software that improves and positively impacts the clients we work with.

WE ARE Bespoke software specialists

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Our Philosophy

We make our software fit your business.

Why struggle with multiple databases, leave us to do the hard work so your company can concentrate on your business.

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