Where’s Bob? – Who’s Bob?

What happens when your ageing software starts to creak and your software development team has moved on?

We all know the risk and far too often there is a hope (fingers crossed and all that) that as long as the system is backed up then the software code will be OK. Until either it isn’t or some bright spark suggests a new service or a process change. At this stage ‘Bob’ seems to have disappeared and Bob’s system guide and developer notes aren’t saved where you thought they were!

Are you worried that your existing developer may become unavailable?

In house teams offer support and stability. But like all teams – particularly now – they are highly interchangeable and mobile. Outsourced development – hired for a specific job and often accessing off-shore skills, can offer efficiencies in the initial build costs, but support and future development can become a problem.

Risks of Off Shore Outsourcing

Let’s be clear, not all off shore (out of country) outsourcing is a terrible thing. There are savings to be made in the short-term and let’s face it a good business – well run – is a good business whereever it operates from. Inevitably however items will need discussing, and projects will never run entirely smoothly. This is when the location, time difference and potentially language barrier, does become a problem.

? Travel time, costs and risks are usually higher than with domestic sourcing as a consequence of the longer distances;

? Cultural differences may complicate business communications or cause delays;

? Documentation for international sourcing is complicated and may require research, consulting costs or in many cases outsourcing to a brokerage;

? Supplies might be interrupted by political instability, requiring identification of alternative sources. Original article: here:

What’s the solution?

Well if you can tether Bob to the business and stop him taking employment elsewhere then that’s one solution. Alternatively you could still outsource but look a little closer to home. Software development in the UK is world class and avoids all of the risks detailed above. Software is often seen as a one off purchase but software needs to be updated – particularly internal bespoke software. This is where a UK supplier of long standing and exceptional experience removes your outsourcing risk.

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