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Getting the most out of your home broadband

With so many people working at home you may find that your WiFi is feeling the strain especially if you’re competing for bandwidth with your partner and kids. One way you improve this is to use your ‘ring main’ as a network, which is known as a powerline network. What you need Powerline adapters are […]

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Protect your brand from ‘creative’ team members

Most organisations have a dusty document (or a pdf file) somewhere that outlines their brand guidelines. Given that the development of your brand takes time, effort – and doesn’t come cheap, it’s important that all that investment pays off. The Marketing Department should be familiar with how your logo appears, it’s relative size, positioning, background […]

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Is your software up to scratch?

So many organisations invest in software, but don’t always end up with systems that do what’s needed. This might be because: The company has outgrown the capability of a particular software There are several systems, which aren’t all compatible Someone in the company who sold the software didn’t ask the right questions Someone in your […]

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