Troubleshooting: [FireDAC][Phys][FB]internal error

Have you come across the following error while coding with Firebird in Delphi: [FireDAC][Phys][FB]internal error? Did you search the Internet and find nothing about it? The error itself isn’t very helpful, but it’s most likely because you’re missing the firebird.msg file from your executable’s path. Without this file Firebird doesn’t know what error to return […]

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Effortless Upgrade from Firebird 1.5 to Firebird 3: Our Journey and Tools

Navigating a database upgrade from Firebird 1.5 to Firebird 3 can seem daunting, especially with the web filled with tales of woes.

Join us as we unveil how we simplified this task, shedding the common hurdles and introducing a handy tool that turned the ‘painful’ into ‘painless’.

Whether you’re dealing with small databases or behemoths, discover how our journey could ease yours. […]

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