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Hidden Inflation

Bought a pair of trousers the other day – nothing strange about that. In fact they are the same trousers I have been buying for quite a few years (different colours of course). But what struck me was that the price hadn’t changed much over the years, if at all. What has changed are little […]

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Now is the time to invest in your customers

Image via Wikipedia 2011 has been a difficult year for arts organisations. Early this year 206 organisations found out they had had their applications for funding rejected by the Arts Council. The impact of these funding cuts will depend to some extent on the size of the arts organisation you work in. If you are […]

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Where Can I find Delphi Software Specialists?

Finding reliable and experienced Delphi developers for support or short-term projects that require a software upgrade, for many businesses is a task they often shy away from. When considering what to do about an older version of an application written in Delphi for example, they don’t want to employ or train somebody new, they want […]

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