Specialist Content Management for the Performing Arts


A content management system bringing together performers, repertoire, venues, performances and a media library.

  • Controlled Access to management system
  • Content management and linked media library
  • Fully featured reporting including daily casting notices
  • Links to external systems

Mobile App | Web | Windows Desktop | Windows Server


The idea was to create a database which cross linked all the elements and provided not only an upcoming performance schedule but also an historical archive of previous performances. The key elements were:

  • Repertoire: each ballet and the parts to be played
  • Cast: the ballet dancers, Orchestra and also those involved who are not performers
  • Venues: where the performances would be staged
  • Performances: when the ballets were performed

Each element held different types of information

  • The Repertoire holds an act by act guide, historical information about when it was first performed and when it was first performed by the Company, the composers and the choreographers.
  • The Cast contained their biographies and positions held within the Company.
  • The Venues, location, contact information, local amenities, maps etc.
  • The Performances were linked to the ticketing systems where possible.

These were all cross linked by Performances. A performance was linked to the venue where it was staged, the ballet that was performed and who was cast in each part. So, for example, this meant that for any cast member you could also see what other parts they had played and when. For each part you could see all the performers who had played that part.

On top of this there were groupings, such as Seasons which grouped performances and links to external reviews.

Behind this sat a large media library of images that were cross linked to all the elements.

The system was originally web based and later a mobile application was written for it as well.

Birmingham Royal Ballet is one of the three major ballet companies of the United Kingdom, alongside The Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet.


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