Ready for the off: Gift Aid claiming goes digital

From the end of September Gift Aid Claims will be different. The current R68(i) form will be no more and you will have to submit using one of 3 options:

  1. Complete on-line forms with attached spreadsheet (up to 1,000 claims per submission, but as many submissions as you like);
  2. Submit from your database on-line [direct submission] (up to 500,000 claims per submission, one claim per day);
  3. If you don’t have access to the internet you can use the new ChR1 form (up to 90 claims per submission).

For more information on the options check out the HMRC details of the options so you can choose the best one for your charity.

If you want to use either the on-line forms or direct submission you will need to sign your organisation up for a Government Gateway account.

If you have a database but it doesn’t have support for HMRC submissions then our GiftAider application can help you.

Make sure that you donor records are complete and up to date.

For standard claims the donors first name, last name and first line of address are mandatory. If any of these are missing then the claim will fail.

The post code is not mandatory, but if used only UK post codes are accepted. Not providing a post code for UK addresses will pass initial validation but can hold up payments.

If you need help cleaning up your database, then get in touch (020 7100 6010 or complete our enquiry form)

Useful Links

GiftAider – submit your data to HMRC

HMRC Charities On-Line FAQ

HMRC Submission Options

Signing up for a Government Gateway Account


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