Is the web finding it’s feet?

Social media is finding it’s feet. As I have mentioned in previous blogs it takes a long time, years, for something to establish its own identity and not just be a fancier (and maybe more useful) copy of something that has gone before. Social media is perhaps the start of the web moving into it’s own personality.

The growth of social media has been as unexpected as it has been fast. Each day the scope changes as more and  more people move the platform into areas others haven’t even considered.

From a marketeer’s point view this is both exciting and frightening – more opportunities, but a very different way of approaching the concept of marketing.

From the consumers’ perspective (or those on line at least) all this interactivity has become a new adjunct to, if not a new way, of life. It is now so much easier to keep in contact with friends and family, share news, photos and film. To keep up to date with what is going on in areas of interest – as it happens, no longer waiting for the newsletter or even email newsletter – is that a change or what? The email newsletter was a step forward but it is already looking antiquated.

And all this for free? Surely not.

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