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An interesting project

I have just received an email from ResCen (Centre for research into creation in the performing arts, based at Middlesex University UK) which introduces a fascinating project they are now working on. They have just started DANSCROSS, a collaborative venture with The Beijing Dance Academy.

What particularly attracted me was the theme that they are working on this year – Dancing in a shaking world – the “the pervasiveness of climate change, financial instability and viral infections are all part of the wider context”. Even though based on these global phenomena, the “focus, however, is on the working environment and on the practices of artists – we examine the particular to see the panoramic, as they create responses to the theme”.

The arts have a major role in bringing understanding between countries and cultures, and projects such a this can do nothing but good.

Looking at the small to see the big is something that appeals to me and is a lesson for marketing too.

For more informatiion on ResCen visit and if you’d like to read up on this fascinating project see