LiveBase® CMS

LiveBase is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to quickly and easily manage your website – controlling when pages are displayed and using full templating so you can control what your site looks like. In fact the page you are looking at now is a LiveBase page.

  •  support for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks
  •  wysiwyg editor with support for all modern major browsers
  •  full search engine optimisation (SEO) support
  •  Search for pages in the editing suite

LiveBase will produce menus automatically and has xml facilities for linking into Flash based navigation systems. Uses friendly page names (which you decide) and built in Google Analytics support and intelligent handling of web crawlers. LiveBase® gives you complete control over your website and easily configured search engine optimisation.

Pages can be be edited HTML, uploaded pdf’s, word documents, spreadsheets or streamed media such as videos. They can even point to a different page entirely…even on a different site.

LiveBase also allows you to cross link pages so that they can appear in more than one section and also allows you to directly link out to external pages – even opening them in a new browser window or tab of that’s what you want.

The management interface is completely browser based, so if you have an internet connection and a browser, then you can update your website. Edit your articles using a WYSIWYG editor and easily control when pages are displayed by setting the Don’t Show Before and Don’t Show After date and time values.

Control the look and feel of your site by designing multiple templates and style sheets which can be used on a page by page basis if needed. Maintain a catalogue of images for display on your site and also upload and manage other documents, such as pdf’s, that can be linked to from your pages, or used as pages themselves.

Some of the many LiveBase features

  •  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Frameworks: LiveBase supports a wide range of web technologies, past and present.
  •  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Support: LiveBase let’s you decide how you are seen by search engines, with a host of features to support your search engine optimisation work. All easily managed from the administration program.
  •  Template driven content: Design your own templates so you can display your website the way you want it.
  •  Extensive tagging: The extensive tagging offered by LiveBase means that you can really create a very dynamic site.
  •  Full control of what is published and when: You specify the dates when a page can be shown; easily switch off/on pages as you need to.
  •  Built in Google Analytics support: As well as maintaining its own statistics, LiveBase has built in support for Google Analytics (Urchin).
  •  Multiple media types: In LiveBase you can use HTML, a pdf, spreadsheet, or embedded streaming media as a page. This is easily handled from the administration program.
  •  Friendly page names: LiveBase lets you use friendly page names, which make it easier to publish URL’s and provide easier to understand listings.