SMX Element™

Provide your national sales-force or branch network with access to the custom collateral they need.

Our multi channel marketing management system can provide your agents, offices and retail locations with the customised marketing and promotional material they need: they customise, you control.

SMX Element™ is a system designed to provide your network with marketing and support material where branding is controlled but they have the freedom to customise the message to reflect local requirements and offers. And the workflow management system means you can retain as much or as little approval over the end result as is necessary.

Whether you need posters, leaflets, mail shots, emails, text messaging, banners, or whatever is needed the SMX Element™ will let your network customise the output and manage the process from ordering, through your approval process and onto your selected printers, email blasting service or let them download locally – it’s up to you. Then they can track its progress and for certain things, like email, even see the response data.

You can group orders into kits – so one order can consist of a myriad of items – making it easy for branches to order all they need for that key promotion easily. You control the level of customisation that they can use – from free text to fixed lists. Use the SMX media system to ensure only the right images are used on the right product. Keep track of budgets and even enforce budget limitations. Use your own printers and email/sms suppliers – we will work with them to ensure they get what they need when they need it.

Our aim is to provide systems that work the way you do and not make you fit our systems – so talk to us about what you need and let’s work together make it happen.