Masque® Repertoire™

Content Management for the Performing Arts

Developed specifically for the performing arts Masque Répertoire provides information about your historical, current and future productions and performances.

Every performance has a myriad of details that need be brought together.

The production; performers; dates and times; venue; back stage staff – all with photos, videos, descriptions and history. Bringing it all together can be frustrating and time consuming.

Masque Répertoire provides you with a content management system that enables you to manage all these facets easily and from anywhere you can connect your computer to the internet. The Masque Répertoire publishing system provides your customers and supporters with easy navigation whether they are using a web browser or the Répertoire App – from a synopsis of the production to the cast list for a particular performance, from where to park for a venue to a media library for a cast member or production.

See how your companies data could become so much more, driving a rich website or even an App, these examples are showing a basic glimpse of the data available, put us in touch with your in house designer or let us find you one and we will work together to create not only an informative website, application and presence but a rich and colourful one using your media and information.

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