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Site not looking so good on your shiny new iPad?

Have you ever noticed your site looks a little blurry or grainy?

In the last couple of years, especially with Apples push for Retina graphics, displays have moved on. Once upon a time HD (1920x1200) was the becoming the new standard, yet now resolutions are growing, video is moving towards 4K while mobile displays, desktop and tablets are offering higher and higher resolutions. The latest iMac 5k offers a staggering resolution of 5120x2880 and now mobile devices, iPads, phones, even watches are cramming in the pixels.

This is great for text and scalable graphics, but where does that leave JPEG and PNG images?.

Well here you can see:

 Ugly huh?

This is caused by the browser taking a small image and scaling it up, its not the end of the world, but if you want your site to really shine and look crisp and clear as it should then there are a few ways of achieving the desired result.

One option which we recommend is using this tiny (4kb) javascript, which is a cinch to install. All you need to do is upload a .js file to your site and include it on your pages. Now with that code running, when the page loads an image, the script will look on the server to see if you have uploaded a high resolution alternative. If you have, it will be displayed. Easy as that, so why not bring your website back into focus?.


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