If your business involves communication with customers, a CRM system (or customer relationship management system) is bound to be vital in reaching your goals. With the ability to manage all communications and details related to both existing and potential customers, there are loads of reasons why a CRM system is important for your business.

Learn about your customers

A CRM system will enable you to learn all about your customers, which is invaluable when it comes to knowing how to communicate with them in the future. For example, the system will record each customer’s purchase history, so you can spot patterns in what they buy and how often they make a purchase. You can use this information to decide which promotions or new product details to send to them, as you’ll know exactly what they’re interested in and how best to win more business from them.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to use your CRM system to see when a customer has opened an email from your company, and if they have clicked on any links. This will also assist in informing you about which communications are of interest to them and will help you to target these efficiently in the future.

Keep detailed customer records

CRM systems have the functionality to store all details about a customer, including any communication that they have had with you. This can really help with customer service, as if someone calls and relays information or an issue to someone, and then calls again further down the line and speaks to a different employee, all of their details will be on hand so they won’t need to repeat themselves. This will prevent the customer from getting frustrated and will save time and money as the call will be shorter, freeing up time for the employee to move onto something else.

Streamline your business processes

Due to being able to organise customer details effectively, you’ll find that there are a number of processes that can be streamlined by your CRM system, saving valuable time and money. For example, many admin tasks can be automated so that no-one in your workforce has to spend time doing them, and this can work across a number of areas, including marketing, data, and analytics.

Perhaps one of the best processes to streamline is the sales process, as this is potentially what brings in the most money. A CRM system has the capability to organise customers by conversion probability, so that time isn’t wasted on unsuccessful calls, and priority can be given to those who are most likely to make a purchase. It can also send prompts to employees about when follow-up calls need to be made so that those all-important leads aren’t left to go cold, and different types of calls can be assigned to the most relevant member of your team too, making for a completely efficient process.

Create better in-house communication

Sometimes it can be that different departments within a business are a little bit disjointed, and communication may not flow as well as you’d like it to. This can result in incorrect information being passed on, or details being changed between teams, which could then lead to mistakes and issues that impact on customers and profitability. By using a CRM system, you can ensure that every member of your workforce has access to the same information at all times, so nothing will get lost during communications between each other. This means that different teams can access the details that are relevant to them and can use these to drive groups of customers towards sales and will have access to everything from emails and phone call notes to appointments added to calendars.

Improve data and reporting

Accurate data and reporting are key within a business, as these factors are what you can use to understand your customers and find out what will encourage them to make a purchase. As all details are saved within a CRM from across the company, the system can analyse all of your data as a whole and can create reports which are easy to digest and include the information that is important to you and the department that you work in.

Now that you know how important a CRM system is for your business, it’s time to start looking at how you can implement one into your own company and start getting excited about all of the benefits associated with this.

When it comes to running a successful business, finding ways to save both time and money can help you to reach your goals, and make a fantastic profit. However, when running a company itself uses so many of your resources, it can be difficult to find the opportunity to consider what changes could be made.

Here, we share some great ways to save time and money when running a business which we hope you can use to help you to hit your targets.

Save money on advertising

A lot of businesses spend a large amount of their budget on advertising, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary. For example, instead of splashing the cash on a number of Google Ad campaigns, you could try to optimise your website for organic search instead. By creating well written, engaging, and informative content for your company’s website, you can hit the top of the search rankings without spending a penny. Plus, organic search results tend to be more appealing to consumers than paid ads anyway, so you could benefit from some really pivotal web traffic increases.

Another way to get your business in front of customers without spending is by putting yourself out there as an industry expert. By using the passion that you have for the sector that you work in, you can find publications, websites, and social channels that will happily quote you on what you have to say about what is happening in your industry. This could lead to backlinks from high-quality websites, mentions in popular publications or a place in your target market’s social media feeds.

Invest in bespoke software

Investing in bespoke software that fits your business needs is one of the best ways to save time and money. Although software that you buy straight off the shelf can be cheaper, in the long run, you’ll end up spending money on unnecessary updates and maintenance that won’t benefit you at all. Through choosing bespoke software, you can ensure that it meets all of your business requirements and makes your processes simpler. This means less paperwork and admin for you and your employees, resulting in more time to get on with your day-to-day tasks.

Another way that bespoke software can save your company money is that you only need to pay for the features that you require. If you don’t think that it’ll make you or your employees more efficient, you don’t have to include it in your package. In addition to this, the people within your business will experience higher morale due to being provided with software that helps them to do their jobs more effectively. Bespoke software is always created to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about employees wasting time trying to work out how to use it, and can simply enjoy the rewards created from a happier workforce.

Be environmentally friendly

Running an environmentally friendly business won’t only help the planet, but can save your company money too. By encouraging employees to switch off their computers at the end of the day, making sure that all printers are set to print both sides, ensuring that excess water isn’t used when cleaning or washing up, and finding any other possible way to reduce energy use, you will find that you end up spending less on both electricity bills and other resources.

You’ll also find that changing any paper-based processes within your business to electronic processes will save money on the amount of paper you’re buying, and will probably enable your workforce to complete these processes quicker too. Anything that you can do to make processes easier for employees will mean that they have more time to spend on the tasks that are making your company money. Innovative bespoke software can help you to achieve this, as all of your projects and processes can be streamlined and organised electronically. This also means that you’ll be less likely to miss or lose details as the process is carried out, which can help to avoid disputes or confusion further down the line.

These ways to save time and money when running a business are very easy to put into practice, and you’ll start seeing the benefits within no time at all. If you choose to invest in bespoke software for your company, please do contact us to discuss your requirements, we’d be happy to use our experience to help you.