HMRC will stop accepting paper Gift Aid claims on 30th September 2013. From October 1st you will have to use their on-line service – the official announcement is here.

I’m really pleased to say that we have 2 products that have received HMRC recognition: Our Patron Supporter Management System – our fully integrated CRM and donation management system for charities; and Gift Aider – an application that will enable you to submit claims on-line even if your package doesn’t support it, or even if you just keep them is spreadsheet.

Take a look and let me know if we can help you.

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Caught with your pants downBought a pair of trousers the other day – nothing strange about that. In fact they are the same trousers I have been buying for quite a few years (different colours of course). But what struck me was that the price hadn’t changed much over the years, if at all.

What has changed are little things. The number of pockets has gone from 4 to 3; the pockets have got slightly smaller year by year – this year though that stood out as I can’t quite do the button up on the back pocket once my wallet is in (and before you mention it, it hasn’t got fatter unfortunately) and I now have to take care that my phone doesn’t fall out of the front pocket.

The prices might not show inflation, but it’s there – if you get less for the money you spend, then prices have gone up. We’ve seen it in the supermarket less grams in a packet but the same price, but it is happening everywhere.

Any unexpected places you have seen this?