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Targeted TV Advertising on Sky

Want to target your TV advertising? Then Sky has a new system that allows you to to do just that. From around £2,000 you can decide who sees your tv adverts.

At the AMA conference in July Sky TV were introducing AdSmart - a way to target television advertising on a bit more than TV region.

The system works by storing adverts on your sky box that have been targeted at the household's profile. If an advert is scheduled to appear but its appeal is well outside the household profile then it can be substituted for one of the stored ads. The main advertiser benefits as they don't get charged for showing the ad to people who won't be interested and the local advertiser gains by being able to advertise at a reasonable cost to those they want to reach.

It allows you to cherry-pick your audiences–whether that’s within a region, a city or in a specific life-stage . There are over 90 attributes available including:

  • Mosaic Lifestyle
  • Financial Strategy
  • Lifestage
  • Home Ownership
  • Affluence
  • Household Composition

 Here's a bit more info: